About Company

BPKCC was established in Hyderabad in November 2014, and has rapidly built a significant competitive presence in the State. The firm operates from its offices in Hyderabad, Guntur , Vijayawada and Ongole.
offers its clients a full range of services, including financial and business advisory, tax and regulatory, and risk advisory services.

In India, BPKCC has a client base of over 100 companies. The firm's approach to service delivery helps provide value-added services to clients. The firm serves leading information technology companies and has a strong presence in the financial services sector in India while serving a number of market leaders in other industry segments.

Our differentiation is derived from a rapid performance-based, industry-tailored and technology-enabled business advisory services delivered by some of the leading talented professionals in India. BPKCC professionals are grouped by industry focus and our clients are able to deal with industry professionals who speak their language. Our internal information technology and knowledge management systems enable the delivery of informed and timely business advice to clients.
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